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Debt Consolidation

If you owe debts to multiple creditors and are struggling to pay those debts on time every month, contact us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney to hear how we may be able to help your case.

Our financial legal team provides many more services beyond that of bankruptcy solutions such as:

Our Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

There are many options for those individuals, businesses, or families that need debt relief. The Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney can offer you and your family the service of debt consolidation to help you reorder your debts to pay them back on time.

Debt consolidation is a legal process to taking all of your debts and combining them into one lower monthly payment.

While it is understandable that many clients are fearful of dealing with their creditors, the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney is an expert negotiator with experience working with all types of credit companies. The Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney will negotiate with your creditors to lower your interest rate and consolidate your debt into one payment per month. But the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney can also negotiate for a lower interest and get some of your debt discharged as well. Many credit card companies are willing to settle for as little as 50% of a debtor’s credit card debt with the help of the right attorney.

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