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Pittsburgh Wage Garnishment Attorney

Wage garnishment is a legal withholding of a percentage of a person’s income in order to pay a debt.  In the state of Pennsylvania, wage garnishment is heavily regulated and can only be allowed in certain circumstances.  If you have questions about wage garnishment contact our office to speak with the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney today.

Unlike other states, credit card companies in the state of Pennsylvania are not allowed to garnish a debtor’s wages.  If you both live and work in Pennsylvania and a credit card company is threatening you with wage garnishment, this is harassment and it is illegal.

Pennsylvania citizens can only have their wages garnished by court order and if the creditor is not based in Pennsylvania or the garnishment is concerning any of the following:

All that said, a credit card company or a creditor could go to court to request that your bank account be garnished.  Unfair as it may seem, it is a legal loophole and does happen.

Garnishment can be a very serious blow to just about anyone’s finances, especially for someone who is already in debt.  If you choose to file for bankruptcy, all wage garnishment (with the exemption of family court orders) will cease immediately.  If you have questions about wage garnishment, or would like to discuss your bankruptcy options, contact us here at the law office of the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney today.