Debt Relief Options

Are you thousands of dollars in debt? Are you trying to pay it off but it doesn’t seem to be enough? Even the most otherwise responsible people can become overwhelmed by debt, especially if they have accounts with multiple creditors. If you are an individual or a business owner in need of debt relief, the Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney can help your case.

Our legal team provides a variety of debt relief options to assist our clients such as:

Many clients are too intimidated by their debt and their creditors to try to work out a better deal for their account. The Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Attorney is an expert negotiator that can get your creditors to possible decrease your interest rate, consolidate your debts, and sometimes even get a portion of your debt forgiven. Our legal team can also negotiate with creditors about how they report your debts on your credit score report; even just changing the wording of your report can potentially increase your score.

While no client ever wants to file for bankruptcy, clients should understand that filing for bankruptcy is sometimes the best option. Filing for bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that all of your assets will be seized. There are six different types of bankruptcy recognized in the US, and not all of them involve handing over all of your assets. The state of Pennsylvania has enacted numerous protections and exemptions for citizens filing for bankruptcy, including a percentage of a filer’s home equity and retirement funds.

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